18 B 01 / Dating game

Here's an idea — go through the next ten checks in your checkbook and write this on the date line:

"    /    /18"

That'll prevent a few reflex-driven slip-ups.

17 V 30 / Happy New Year

17 V 21 / Sitcom inflation calculator

The Andy Griffith Show, The Munsters, The Addams Family ×8
What's Happening!!, Diff'rent Strokes ×4
Newhart, 227, ALF ×2

(Amounts are rough approximations, adjusted for December 2017. Example: If ALF spends $500 on Willie's credit card, it would be about equal to $1000 in December 2017.)

17 V 16 / Is a dog

17 V 14 / The name has been changed to protect the innocent

I work across the street from a deli called "Vinny's Roast Beef". I managed to correctly guess their wireless password on my third try. It's "roastbeef1".

17 S 11 / Proposal

Memo to makers of "industrial strength" Velcro: the glue which holds the Velcro strips in place should be stronger than the Velcro itself.

17 S 09 / All-time low

Record lows for the ninth of November all over Massachusetts today.

Man, winter came late this year.

17 R 12 / Johnny Dreamaway

It's astounding how dreams work, isn't it? I dreamed that my car was stolen, and I genuinely felt a sense of impending doom due to all the paperwork I knew that I was going to have to fill out and all the other general hassle such a situation would cause for me. And yet, the whole time this was going on, it never really dawned on me that I was accompanied by Rerun from What's Happening!! That's the sort of thing that usually does a number on one's immersion.

17 P 03 / "Dusk to 9pm"

Maybe it was a mistake, but it did have the exact same thing on the other side.

17 M 30 / Corporate re-blanding

It will be one year ago on Sunday when I made my post about how YouTubers are starting to feel the squeeze coming from advertisers. Then, in the interim, things got worse. And then they continued to get worse. Now it's gotten so bad that YouTube is going to turn into television, the very thing its audience was using YouTube as a replacement for in the first place.

The most innocuous of videos are being demonetized, such as those from the likes of Numberphile and Lazy Game Reviews. DIY entertainers are quitting or finding new outlets in droves. All because Big Media is a jealous god that couldn't handle a little competition from average nobodies.

If only there was some way of knowing the precise moment when an organization transmogrifies into a fun-hating corporate behemoth which caters to the whims of attention-hungry billion-dollar companies at the expense of the userbase; some subtle signal of unsalvageability that we could pick up on.



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